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How to get AI to blog for you

Ai can do many things, including even blogging for you. In this article, I'll show you what Shortly Ai is really capable of and how to get Ai to blog for you!

AI can do many things, in fact, we’ve got a whole article dedicated to what AI really is which you can read about here.

But did you know you could get AI to blog for you? Or even write you a story?


ShortlyAI is an AI (as you would’ve guessed 🙄) made to, as they brand themselves, make writer’s block a thing of the past. It’s a powerful AI with a clean and modern interface that has multiple features, including:

  • Instructing the AI what to write about
  • Rewritting the given text
  • Shoten the given text
  • Expand the text

How to get started

To use it is simple, and there’s even a free plan to get you started. Just visit shortlyai.com click Sign Up on the top right, and complete all the steps.

After that, you’ll be greeted with an easy to follow page explaining how it works.

Project info

When you go to create a new project, it’ll ask you whether it’s a story or a blog, just to get an idea of the style of output it should give. I’m going to select a blog for this example.

After selecting blog it’ll take you to a new page, input your title (the title does affect the output), I’m going to put “Writers block” as I want some text about it and then input some short text to give the AI an example of what you want, something like 1-2 sentences

The magic

When you are happy with the small brief you’ve given it, you can change the output length on the left hand side, and finally, click on write for me and let the magic happen!

Here’s another cool example for the unconvinced ones of you:

How do i get started?

ShortlyAI offers four runs for completely free with no credit card needed! After that their pricing starts at $65 a month with a two-month free trial.

Even if you don’t need ShortlyAI, I would definitely recommend you go and try it out using their free trial (once again, there’s no credit card or even email verification needed to get started), just visit shortlyai.com to get started.

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